Millennial Fashion Bloggers Making An Impact

Tavi Gevinson, 13, fashion blogger

Tavi Gevinson, 13, fashion blogger

Marketers are interested in bloggers because of their passion, audience, and influence on other consumers.  While Dooce is not a Millennial, her entertaining style has given her such clout with Moms that she is able to support her family on her blog with advertisers like  Walmart. Her influence is so great she recently was interviewed on NPR and hold major marketrs in terror of falling into her sights.

With Millennial bloggers, the attraction for marketers so far has been is primarily passion. There are passionate blogging communities of Millennials for careers (if you are not following BrazenCareerist start now), food and wine, gaming and design (DeviantArt). These communities are goldmines of insight for marketers interested reaching Millennials. 

For pure self expression I like the fashion bloggers best. My Twitter friends, Sasha Halima Muradali of Miami and Adrienne Waldo of New York (and Ad Age ‘Gen Next’ blogger) first introduced me to the world of fashion blogs.  In honor of Fashion Week, here is their list of favorites:









Millennial fashion bloggers are starting to have a big influenceon the world of fashion.  According to articles this week in the New York Times (“Looking for a Long Leg Up“) and The Wall Street Journal (“Fashion’s Secret Helpers“) they are influencing fashion in a big way.

Blogger Bryan Grey-Yambao, 23BryanBoy),  is a fashion muse for famous designer, Marc Jacobs.


Blogger Camille Rushanedy, 16,  inspired Clayton Evans to add distressed details to a line of androgynous casual clog after seeing blog postings of a shredded tee-shirt. 


Blogger Jane Aldridge, 17 (SeaofShoes), inspired designer, Katie Nehra, to spray paint ‘Jane” on the back of a leather jacket in tribute to how Jane ‘personalizes everything she wears’.


Blogger Tavi Gevinson, 13 (StyleRookie), is the muse for designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte, wo say they have been corresponding with the 13-year-old in recent months after they discovered her blog ‘where she writes about her love of fashion and posts photos of herself’. The Mulleavys say, “Tavi makes you think about things differently, makes you see things differently.

I love that last quote because it nicely sums up the reason to follow Millennial bloggers. They do see things differently and it’s never been so easy to hear what they have to say. Whatever industry you are in, find inspiration in your passionate young consumers. You never know where it might lead.