Reaching Millennials: Radio Interview

KPSUI had the pleasure of a conversation with Bret Bernhoft,  Principle of the youth marketing firm, InsYght Consulting, that was broadcast live on, the internet college radio for Portland.

Bret asked some very intriguing questions about Marketing to Millennials™, and especially what media and programs connect best. We covered everything from color TV’s to Failblog. It was a great time, I recommend listening to the 18 minute segment.

Bernhoft’s questions are so good because he is a Gen Y member himself. He describes himself as “a brazen leader, outspoken, a Captain Crunch eatin’ go-go Power Ranger who prides himself on being Generation Y to the bone.” In addition to operating a consulting firm and being a radio host, Bret maintains three blogs, and serves on the board of directors for the Alzheimer’s Assocation in Portland

I think I should have interviewed him! Stay tuned…