A Social Media Milestone

I just passed my 3-year Twitter anniversary! Three years went fast, I can hardly believe I have nearly 8,400 followers for @carol_phillips and nearly 1,000 for @brandamplitude. Okay, so I’m not Justin Bieber, but who would have thought that many people would care what I had to say about Millennials when I started? Klout considers me a ‘celebrity‘, which is ridiculous but weirdly gratifying.

Today I can hardly imagine working without Twitter. It has become my watercooler, advisory panel, leisure entertainment, bookmarking tool and more on my laptop when I am working and on my phone when I’m not.

As a source of news, it is unmatched. I was on the Sunday night that Obama said he had a big announcement that turned out to be the capture of public enemy #1. Thanks to Twitter I read and passed on information about the nature of the announcement nearly 90 minutes ahead of the actual announcement.

Just How Big Is Social Media?

Erik Qualman has composed another in his series of videos helping us all comprehend the midboggling scale and impact of social media. Like the earlier three videos, it will no doubt be out of date within a few months. But in the meanwhile, it is worth watching as a snapshot of the way the world works now.