Ten FREE Millennial Research Studies Worth Reading

When I first started this blog back in 2007, there were precious few Millennial-focused research studies to draw on for material. I relied primarily on government data or conducted our own proprietary research.

By 2009, that had changed with the growing awareness that Millennials were different and important. From 2009 on there has been a steady stream of free reports, many of them very good.  In July 2009 I  listed what I thought were the best eight studies and provided a more comprehensive list in December. Since then, I’ve maintained a wiki (millennialmarketing.wikispaces.com) to keep track of the latest research as it comes out. It’s time to once again highlight the best studies of the past 12 months.

Here’s my list of studies from the past 12 months worth reading (in no particular order):

Pew Research: “The State of Millennials July 2011 (slide presentation)

McCann World Group: “The Truth About Youth” June 2011 (slide presentation)

Euro RSCG: “Gender Shift: Are Women the New Men?” December 2010 (pdf)

Higher Education Research Institute: “The American Freshman: National Norms 2010” January 2011 (pdf)

Chronicle of Higher Ed: “Who Are the Undergraduates? December 2010 (interactive graphic)

MacArthur Foundation: “BluePrint for the Millennial America” 2011

Mr. Youth Agency: “Meet the Class of 2015,” October 2011 (video and pdf)

JGA and Achieve: “Millennial Donors 2011”

Want more? Check out our wiki: millennialmarketing.wikispaces.com

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