Kansas City Creative Crossroads Panel Event

Posted by: Samantha David

“Kansas City is…America’s Creative Crossroads” Nothing says it better than this statement and also the name of the event put on by the American Advertising Federation of Kansas City. Having the opportunity to attend, I took advantage of listening to the panel of four speakers express their admiration for Kansas City’s rich history and esteemed growth.  The four speakers had especially diverse backgrounds, which contributed to the interesting discussion. Barkley’s own VP/Executive Creative Director, Paul Behnen, led the evening.

The main idea of the night stood at Kansas City giving its residents the resources and place to dream big. Musician Jeff Harshbarger explained that if you live here, you can “afford space and afford to dream.” Unlike larger cities across the country, we don’t need to pay a vast amount of money on rent or other living expenses. This makes it easier for the Millennial generation have the “flexibility to fail.”

Sprint, Boulevard Brewing Company, Hallmark Cards, The Roasterie and many more were some of the many successful businesses started in Kansas City.  The panel portrayed the opportunities of new talent that is coming into Kansas City. The city continues to grow exponentially and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Beth Nybeck, a metal sculpture artist and a member of the event’s panel, said she wanted to “come to a city where it’s easy to be creative and dream.”

It’s our duty as Millennials to continue these successful traditions in businesses. We bring the innovative talent into the city. Our generation will shape the future of Kansas City in a creative, exciting new way.

Photo Credit: Samantha David

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