A Millennial Marketers List of the Best Buzzfeed Lists

Posted by: Jeff Fromm

There seems to be a new rising site in the world of media and social media for Millennials.  Can you guess what it is? Here’s a few hints; you have probably seen a link somewhere on your Facebook or Twitter feed within the past 24 hours, most of the articles come in lists that cause you to have a laugh or two without your consent and the lists are written on topics you didn’t even know lists could be written on. The exploding site I am talking about is BuzzFeed, “The Media Company for the Social Age”.

This media company isn’t your normal one stop shop. Sure, there are informative articles about recent news stories popping up every hour, but there are also many humorous and engaging lists to keep Millennials surfing their site for hours. I’m guilty of browsing through everything from “24 Cats Who Are Celebrating Shark Week” to “15 Reasons Juan Pablo is the Best Bachelor Ever”.

In typical BuzzFeed fashion, here are my 6 Favorite Buzzfeed Articles:


“Who Has The Best Short Hairstyle, Beyonce Or These Other People?”

Because we don’t ALREADY know Beyonce’s new hairstyle is better than everyone else’s.



“35 Office Lessons ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ Taught Us”


Everyone jumping into the business world could use a few tips.





“15 Healthier Versions Of Your Favorite Childhood Foods”

So I can eat twice as much…right?!








“19 Movies That Would Be Hilarious Backwards


Whoever took the time to go through all of these movies, deserves to be recognized.





“21 People Who Prove Your Baking Could Be Worse”


I liked this because it was a little bit of an ego boost for me.







“23 Dogs Who Are Too Adorably Stupid For Their Own Good”


If I said BuzzFeed articles without cute animals were my favorite, I’d be lying.







Now this list might seem silly, but I spent time on each of these pages and shared on social media with friends. For advertisers wanting to push their product or service through paid media to Millennials, BuzzFeed offers an advertising option “to promote your brand with shareable custom content.” Brands wanting to advertise can become partners of BuzzFeed to sponsor posts of their own. Allstate Insurance sponsors “10 People Who Aren’t Afraid To Be Who They Are” along with “10 Stories Of Acceptance That Will Fill You With Hope”.

This form of paid media produces an incredible amount of earned media for the brand. BuzzFeed creates content for their Millennial audience that they like to call “SuperSharers.” SuperShares are responsible for sharing content across all social mediums.

BuzzFeed’s service is more expensive than most social media sites but the pay offs potential is huge. The site’s popularity is continuously growing among Millennials and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.  As a dedicated reader, BuzzFeed already has me hooked!

Samantha David contributed to this post

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