Houzz Online Home Improvement Platform Seeks Millennial Involvement

Posted by: Jeff Fromm

Today, Millennials are viewing home improvement shows on TV and finding inspiration. Seeking new opportunities to improve the quality of their homes, however, is not a new trend. They want to actively participate and keep up to speed with the latest trends. How can they do this? Through a new website: Houzz.

Houzz is a leading online platform, with which users can design, improve or remodel their homes. Users can browse more than 2,000,000 photos by room and style, view over 350,000 products curated by Houzz online experts, and find the best home professionals in their designated area to help make their home dreams come true. Not only can users browse through this innovative website, they can take house tours of homes already designed for viewing enjoyment and add specific pieces of furniture, home accessories or inspirational ideas to their personalized idea book.

Another helpful feature for wannabe new designers wanting to redo their space are discussion boards. Any user can contribute ideas, questions or conversations about their home to a discussion forum page. These discussion boards are geared toward all active Houzz users. The ideabook is an outlet where users can showcase their work, build their brand and work smarter. Each idea tagged into a user’s idea book can be shared, liked or viewed by other Houzz users.

For Millennials, home renovation requires a strict budget. Research and cost of renovation is based on the location of the consumer when using the Real Cost Finder tool through Houzz. Even with a budget, Millennials still want to express their personal values and style. Through a survey taken by Better Homes and Garden Real Estate, 77 percent of Millennials are looking for the “essential, purposeful homes” equipped with the latest technology.

Useful Is The New Cool®. In a Millennial-styled apartment or home, the more each room can be equipped with the latest technology, the better. Forty-three percent of Millennials prefer their homes “more customized and less cookie-cutter.” Each room serves different purposes and Millennials want to maximize their ability to customize their style of living.

From cabinetry to flooring, Houzz makes the process of redesigning any home space easy and user-friendly through participants tablet, computer or mobile device. This then makes the process easier for the client and consumer to transform their ideas into a reality and improve the quality of their homes. The key benefit for Millennials using Houzz is to provide them with an easy marketing tool for custom home builders. In addition, it provides them with a call-to-action strategy to increase activity and engagements.

Millennials and non-Millennials alike love this website because of its easy-to-use pages, products and photos to chose from. This allows participants to actively engage with this online platform to interact with construction companies to make their home improvement dreams a reality.


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