AdAge: The Top 10 Ads of 2014 by Estimated Spending (And Five Lessons to Draw)

Posted by: Leah Swartz

2014 was a big year for brand name advertisements. According to, an agency that measures real-time TV ad metrics, Verizon, Buik, Esurance, Dominos and Mazda took the top five spots on the list of top ten ads of 2014. Brands that made the list aligned themselves with overwhelmingly millennial driven trends and as a result, received extremely positive responses.  Among nearly every ad on the list, the call to action included a hashtag while references to a Facebook page fell in popularity. This is an ongoing trend we have seen among the consumer market – millennials specifically.  The article also mentions that digital platforms like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans made a strong case for themselves in 2014 and the trend will continue in the coming year. As we move into 2015, keeping these winning spots in mind will prove to be a highly effective way to develop advertising strategy.

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