Chicago Business: A Tinder-like App with Job-Seeking Millennials in Mind

Posted by: Cherryh Butler

Millennials want instant gratification, which is why dating apps, such as Tinder, resonate so well with young adults 18-34. The new app, nspHire, allows millennials to search for jobs in the same way they s14677620757_1e8711be0e_zearch for potential dates on Tinder.  Users swipe to the right when they like a potential employer and swipe left to reject a job (why can’t actually getting the job be that easy too?).  Like Tinder, if the employer and job seeker have a common match, they have the opportunity to open a chat box and start a conversation.

“Speed is really important in determining who gets a job,” said nspHire co-founder Rasheen Carbin, in an interview with

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