Brand Innovation Targets Millennials at CES 2015

Posted by: Jeff Fromm

For years we have been saying that millennials are shaping the future of our consumer economy. As some of the world’s newest and most impressive innovations were displayed at CES 2015, it solidified our assumption that millennials have, in fact, taken over.

The Consumer Electronics Show is the most important consumer technology trade show in the world, hosting more than 160,498 attendees annually. But what makes this show so influential? Nearly every new innovation to hit the market in the next year is previewed on the exhibition floor. This year, we have seen an influx of millennial driven brands and the reimagination of more mature companies in order to align with the 18-34 year old demographic.

One of biggest themes hitting the CES stage this year is green transportation. The topic is extremely prevalent as federal and local governments are attempting to create more ecofriendly transportation options in order to reduce global gas emissions and other deadly effects. Enter the GenZe. Is it a bike? Is it a scooter? Is a motorcycle? Yes. The zero emissions mobile transportation vehicle was designed specifically with the millennial urban-dweller in mind. With a max speed of 30 mph and a fully mobile connected touch screen dashboard, the GenZe is the perfect option for a quick drive to work.

6952925268_6b53efb7cd_zTransportation was not the only industry hoping to capture millennial interest. Polaroid, which has been a staple of the photography segment since its inception in 1937, released its newest product – the Zip. GoPro has increasingly taken over the “capturing memories” market, labeling itself as the go anywhere, do anything camera. In a fighting attempt to reestablish itself with millennials, Polaroid created the Zip to enable consumers to print wallet size images directly from their Android or iOs devices through a bluetooth connection.  The Zip can easily fit into your pants pocket and combines the social with the digital when it comes to “sharing” memories. The photography giant is ready to step into 2015 with new technology driven at attracting the millennial audience.

Three biggest lessons to come from CES 2015

1. Keep up or get lost

It may sound harsh, but our digital culture moves at a rapid rate and the brands that are sitting in front of their white boards spending precious time attempting to create the perfect new innovation will be left in the dust before they even get to the development stage.

2. Green means go

Green lifestyle is becoming more mainstream and more necessary especially in the tech innovation space. Millennials are leading the charge when it comes to healthy and ecofriendly products and are influencing the way other consumers shop in regards to green products.

Innovation is not just for the youngsters

Some of the most loved millennial brands are the ones that have been around for decades. The process of innovation and reimagination is not reserved for the savvy startup companies that are vying for millennial love through new technology and useful products. Iconic brands like Polaroid are embracing the innovative mindset and are gaining awareness among millennial demographic.

Photos via Flickr: Philhearing

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