International Business Times: Marketing to Generation Z: Millennials Move Aside as Brands Shift Focus to Under-18 Customers

Posted by: Jeff Fromm

We often say millennials are digitally native; most of the older half of the generation has not even experienced life without the Internet. I used to think that I was pretty tech savvy and in tune with social media. That was before I started reading up on gen Z. Multiply everything we know about millennials by about 10 and we have gen Z. The oldest consumers in this generation were born in 1997, meaning they have almost no memory of life without Wifi, YouTube and even Facebook. These fortunate kids didn’t have to spend hours fighting with their friends about who made their top 8 (honestly, they probably don’t even get the MySpace reference).

Many brands are jumping ship from a millennial focused engagement strategy to a gen Z focused one. They are using multiple social media platforms and attempting to engage with a population that is even more entrepreneurial, socially aware and transparent than millennials. It’s starting to look like 2015 will be the year of gen Z and I am sure we are in for a quite a few surprises.

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