Mashable: 550,000 Travelers Used Airbnb on New Year’s Eve

Posted by: Jeff Fromm

Airbnb is quickly becoming the travel giant taking over business from traditional hotel outlets. The relatively young company is now valued at more than $13 billion and hosted a whopping 550,000 travelers at Airbnb locations in 20,000 cities across the globe. Airbnb is taking the travel market and flipping it upside down fueling the Sharing Economy largely inspired by the millennial generation.

“For Airbnb, hospitality is personal and we are committed to spreading a sense of belonging far and wide,” said CMO Jonathan Mildenhall.

The Airbnb model emphasizes access over ownership and creates affordable adventures for young travelers all over the world. The new campaign will emphasize community in attempt to combat the ongoing legal battles facing the company regarding the legality of many of the listings posted on the site. As an avid traveler myself, I am incredibly on board with everything Airbnb has to offer and excited to see what else the company will offer in the next year.

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