Vox: Refreshing the evergreen

Posted by: Jeff Fromm

In fashion, we see the revival of old trends all the time. 80s styles are considered chic and 90s grunge is the new go-to for all those hipsters taking the best tables at your favorite coffee shop. So, when does old really become new?

We ask ourselves this question quite a bit in the marketing world. Is it ok to re-use content we’ve already posted? Is it still fashionable? Evergreen content, the content that can be repurposed until it is no longer relevant, is a much debated topic among CMOs and those of us who geek out on strategy plans and social media.

Reporters at Vox Media tried an experiment, they recreated old content by updated links, headlines and outdated copy and reposted it to the blog and social media. The results? The “new” stories brought in over 500,000 readers.

That seems like a win to me.

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