Millennials Swiping Right for Bud Light #Upforwhatever

Posted by: Lauren Katz

Bud Light wants millennials to swipe right for its next ad campaign. This year, the beer giant is transforming another town into Whatever, USA and is currently in the process of choosing the next set of adventurous millennials to attend the weekend of a lifetime via social connection apps like Tinder.

Users of the dating app who are 21 and over and #UpForWhatever can swipe right for Bud Light for a chance to win a trip to the next Whatever, USA. Bud Light plans to select 1,000 fans to attend this year’s celebration, which is set for an unrevealed location with unexpected celebrity appearances and events. And frankly, what millennial wouldn’t want to attend a secret town full of beer, prancercise and Saturday Night Fever.

Bud Light and Tinder’s partnership is the first time Tinder will capitalize on native video advertising. However, the ads will not appear as television ads “slapped” into the Tinder app, according to Bud Light. Rather, the videos will speak to users in a personable and relatable language – a tone unique to the medium.

By using Tinder, which has 26 million matches a day worldwide, Bud Light can connect with millennials organically. Users can stop, rewind, and replay the custom spots as they engage with the app. Those who match with Bud Light will be redirected to a co-branded site, where fans can show just how “up for whatever” they are.

The spontaneity of a Tinder match with Bud Light captures the spirit of Whatever, USA and allows the brand to create an entirely unique brand experience for Gen Yers. Bud Light has excelled at embodying the millennial spirit and continues to do so through millennial-centric mediums like Tinder brand activations. Bud Light is #UpForWhatever. Millennials are #UpForWhatever. Are you?

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