Ziploc, Target, and TOMS Set the Standard for Engaging Millennial Moms During Back to School Shopping

Posted by: Jillian Mullin

As millennial moms begin to think about the upcoming school year, it’s time for brands to become top-of-mind for these consumers who will soon be opening up their wallets for school supplies, first day of school outfits, new backpacks and lunchbox fillers. To stay on top, brands need to embrace the trends impacting millennial moms as they prep for the end of summer and the beginning of carpool lanes, open houses and first day of school jitters.

Connecting with this population means building loyal networks with moms and of moms in order to build awareness. This generation of moms is highly influenced by word-of-mouth; seven out of 10 U.S. mothers will recommend their favorite brands, products and services to other mothers on a monthly basis. In order to stimulate buzz and activate millennial moms, follow these steps to increase millennial parent engagement.

  1. Be where they are: parenting blogs

Millennial moms are looking to blogs, Facebook, and Pinterest to get inspiration and ideas for their family. These young women use their networks to crowd source information and rely more heavily on peer-created and curated content rather than branded content. More than twenty-two percent of millennial moms are generating their own blog content to provide inspiration for other moms in, and even outside, of their networks. Additionally, 44 percent of millennial moms say they use four or more sources of information to help them make purchase decisions. To reach this audience, brands need to diversify marketing across various social media platforms and tap into the opportunity to generate buzz on parenting blogs.

  1. Incorporate a cause into your back-to-school campaign

Millennials like to feel like they are making a difference and prefer to spend their hard-earned cash towards companies that facilitate opportunities to fulfill that desire. According to our latest book, Millennials with Kids, 62 percent of millennial parents have a better impression of companies that engage in programs that support causes or charities. The problem is that 55 percent of millennials aren’t even aware of the cause a brand supports. To become more attractive in the minds of millennial moms, brands need to emphasize the ways they are dedicated to making a difference. This must go beyond the traditional buy-one-give-one model. The brands that will experience the most success will incorporate a mindset of conscious capitalism throughout their entire brand ecosystem.

  1. Implement a loyalty program

There’s nothing better than filling up a punch card and getting that twelfth latte free, or receiving coupons from brands you frequently shop. After all, what’s the fun in being a loyal customer without a little incentive or reward? Sixty one percent of mothers who recommend a brand to other mothers base their recommendation on special offers from the brand. Winning with millennial moms in the back-to-school season means providing them with incentives that makes buying your brand more beneficial than your competitors. Especially among millennial parents who value price and convenience over quality when it comes to retail shopping, loyalty programs that offer beneficial rewards and coupons are an instant win.

Last fall, Ziploc, Target and TOMS hit the nail on the head with their back to school campaigns. Ziploc highlighted the diverse uses of their products, Target focused on giving back, and TOMS launched a Pinterest campaign that had millennial moms pinning for days. Brands like these know what it takes to win with millennial moms in the back-to-school season, and it’s time other brands join the party.

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