Share Like Buy 2015: How to Engage a New Generation of Social Media Influencers

Posted by: Shelby Haydon

At ShareLikeBuy 2015, we will bring together some of the best and brightest when it comes to Marketing to Millennials™. The McCord List, a blog founded by Rachel McCord, has expanded from just a simple outlet to share personal thoughts to one of the top retail, fashion and pop culture blogs to date. The McCord List boasts 130,000 followers and 5,000 percent influencer and celeb growth since 2010. Rachel McCord is a social media expert and will share her thoughts at Share Like Buy this year. Here is a sneak peak of what you can expect to hear.

SH: How does technology and social media allow you to continuously innovate your brand?

RM: As a blogger and founder of The McCord List social media influencer and blogger network, I am constantly watching social media trends, engaging more influences to invite in my network and reaching out to brands directly to share opportunities to sponsor our Showroom Loft and events.

SH: Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur, if so, how?

RM: I do. I think entrepreneurship is about launching companies and helping them grow. With The McCord List being the second company I’ve founded, and the one closest to my heart’s mission of helping empowering ladies, I am definitely in the “go for it” mode with helping this really take off.

SH: How does social media promote an entrepreneurial mindset?

RM: Social media gives us the opportunity to reach millions of people with the touch of our finger. This gives us the ability to harness the power of the platform to launch our dreams

SH: How does personal privacy play a role in the way brands connect with millennials?

RM: Most millennials aren’t as concerned with privacy issues, having grown up in the era of everything being online. Of course, there are always exceptions.

SH: What is the most important factor when engaging millennials through social media?

RM: The most important part of engaging millennials on any platform is to be honest, humble, passionate and helpful to the community.


Millennials are the most digitally connected, socially present and transparent generation to date – brands connecting with them on social media must embrace the values and actions that Rachel will be discussing at ShareLikeBuy.

Overall, brands must:

1. Embrace authenticity – be honest in your messaging and transparent in your marketing approach

2. Recognize that privacy is not at the same as it used to be. Millennials are more willing to share their personal information but at a cost.

3. Activate influencers and the entrepreneurial mindset. Rachel is only one of the many influential millennial entrepreneurs today. Creating an environment of empowerment will make your millennial audience more connected to your brand and more invested in co-creation and co-ownership opportunities.

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