New Can’t-Miss Webinar: How to Sell to Millennials

Posted by: Leah Swartz

This year, millennials became the largest generation in the United States. That means their influence in the market has become even more influential as they are reaching their peak earning years and starting families of their own.

However, while millennials are moving in the same direction as their parents in terms of life stage, selling to this generation is anything but traditional.

The selling model we all learned in business school that revolved around the ABC’s of sales (always be closing) has now become ABH (always be helping). Millennial customers expect brands and service providers to stand for more than their bottom line. When they feel like a brand genuinely cares about them and not just the dollars they are spending, they will quickly develop an affinity for the brand and build brand loyalty.

The key is implementing new strategies and tactics to sell to a more digital, more interactive and more informed generation than ever before. Jeff’s interactive and informative webinar will open participant’s eyes to the new selling model that exists for the millennial generation.

Generally, Jeff will cover:

– How the transition from ABC’s of selling to ABH will increase millennial brand love and loyalty.

– How the Millennial Mindset® is influencing a new wave of modern consumerism and sales practices.

– General millennial market trends sellers need to know including creating content that is useful, providing a frictionless journey and standing for more than a bottom line.

– Best case examples of brands getting it right and increasing sales by aligning with millennial trends.

– Real-life applications that can be applied to nearly any business across a range of industries.

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