The Millennial Minute: How to Create a Frictionless Journey

Posted by: Jeff Fromm

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Frictionless journey is an important topic.

There is so much friction in industries like healthcare, financial services, travel; friction that is creating opportunities for disruptor brands to take your share of market.

Today’s modern consumer shares a lot of information about themselves with you. They want you to customize and personalize their experience while taking friction out of it. Let me give you a simple example, if I go to a hotel where I’ve been many times before, why do they need to ask me the same questions and do the same things? Why can’t we have a master services agreement? This is just a simple example.

Consumers want to know that you’re acting on the information that they are giving you. If you are acting on that information, then what you’re doing is listening. If you’re listening and you’re actively listening and taking friction out, you are creating an experience for me that is faster and more seamless. Brands like Uber are a verb because they’ve taken the friction out of the entire experience.

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