The Millennial Minute: How to Sell To Millennials

Posted by: Jeff Fromm

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I have to reframe this question Michael. It’s a great question but in tomorrow-land, the best companies and the best providers of service, the best retailers and the best advisors are going to always be helping, not closing.

In a sales world where always be closing, ABC, was the paradigm, I want everyone to start to thinking about being a trusted advisor and move to “always be helping”. Just-in-time content, just-in-time information, access to my friends and their views and information about your products and service, and your brand’s backstory are all what matters to me.

If I’m in your retail store, I might be webrooming. Don’t be offended, that’s just the new normal. I’m a millennial. I have a smartphone but it’s not a phone, it’s a modern day Swiss Army knife. I’m going to use it to crowdsource information from my peers. I am going to crowdsource help from people I know and trust, and hopefully that’s your sales team, that’s your brand. That’s my minute, hope I helped.

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