The Millennial Minute: Three Things To Know About Millennials And Fashion

Posted by: Jeff Fromm

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First of all, nobody – and I mean nobody – would take fashion advice from me. Let’s just talk about Millennial trends as it relates to fashion. First, there are three things to understand: It has to be social, it has to be interactive, and it has to be personal.

Social means it’s about me. It’s about my brands, it’s about my channel, it’s about my beliefs. The reality is, if I have an amazing outfit that I bought from you and it doesn’t go on my Instagram account, does the outfit even exist?

Second, it has to be interactive. I want to be able to talk about things with my friends, I want to be able to show them, I want to get their approval. Having an interactive experience and creating opportunities for me to engage is important.

And finally, it has to be personal. I mean, fashion is an expression of my self; everything from my hair to my outfit is fashion. I need to be able to express myself in a way that’s consistent with how I want to be seen.

If you’re hitting on those three things, you’re winning big. And if you’re not, just let me know so I can sell your stock.

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