NEW RESEARCH: The Snack Hack, What You Need to Know About Modern Consumer Snacking Culture

Posted by: Jeff Fromm

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We’ve all been guilty of grabbing a snack here and there between meals while at the office (Company Kitchen, anyone?). After all, using all that brainpower makes a person hungry. Not to mention that some days are just too busy to fit in a full lunch hour.

But, upon closer inspection, those “snacks” that tide us over don’t necessarily fit into the traditional framework of what is typically considered a snack. What about that leftover spinach dip from last night’s Happy Hour? More and more often, food items like pizza, packaged sandwiches and protein shakes are joining the chips, crackers and candy we expect.

This perfectly delineates the new snacking culture that exists in today’s market.

Snacking is more than snacking – it is the new way of eating.

In fact, more than 50 percent of all eating occasions each day are considered snacking and 94 percent of all Americans snack at least once per day, according to Mintel. This is driving significant growth in the CPG space, representing billions of potential dollars for brands.

Aided by the Millennial Mindset, our latest trends report – The Snack Hack: What You Need to Know About Modern Consumer Snacking Culture – uncovers what it will take for brands to win the consideration and love of modern snackers.

Topics covered include:

Cultural Trends Influencing the Modern Consumer

– Self, Society & Planet – the lens consumers are looking through when purchasing

– Binge Living – living on the extremes means snacking on the extremes

– Flavor Adventure – desire for new flavors is part of the Millennial experience framework

The Snacking Landscape

– Occasion vs. Need Components – what need states matter to your brand?

– Evolution of Competition – who are your brand’s true brand competitors?

The Future of CPG Snacking: The Millennial Mindset

– The Millennial Mindset – drives nearly 30% of snacking brand preference among consumers

– Brand Loyalty – snack brands that score higher on the Mindset achieve greater equity

For CPG brands hoping to find their biggest possible future, now is the time for them to make their move.

To learn more about the millennial influence on the snacking category, download our latest research report The Snack Hack: What You Need to Know About Modern Consumer Snacking Culture.

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