New Trends White Paper: Building Brands Inside Out

Posted by: Jeff Fromm

Take a look at your workforce – specifically, your mid-level managers. Notice anything particularly different about your team today compared with when you first got into the business? Perhaps the way they look, their office attire or the gear they’re carrying? What about the technology they use and the way they use it? Are you seeing a difference in their behaviors and attitudes toward assignments? Or, perhaps more importantly, what do you notice about their overall communication, collaboration and leadership styles?  Likely, these characteristics look quite different than what you might have observed just a few years ago.

In today’s workforce, 83 percent of managers are Millennials, and this cohort already accounts for the largest generation of employees, surpassing both Boomers and Gen X. On the surface, you’re likely seeing how these young, dynamic, casually dressed, tech-obsessed professionals are bringing a new kind of energy into the workplace. But only after we dig beneath the surface level can we begin to understand how deeply this next-gen workforce will impact the future trajectory of how organizations and brands conduct business – both internally and externally.

Barkley’s latest trends white paper, Building Brands Inside Out: Why Your External Brand Is Only As Strong As Your Internal Culture, digs deep into this topic and gives organizations the tools they need to quantify this new workforce approach to:

  • Better understand where changing workforce dynamics are coming from and where they’re heading
  • Understand how the principals that are important in the Marketing to Millennials® concept are important to workforce culture
  • Rethink the role of workforce culture beyond recruitment and retention
  • Reveal the business implications associated with investing internally
  • Discover the significant brand growth opportunity within workforce transformation

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