What Role Does DIY Play in the Millennial Age?

Posted by: Becca Armstrong-Benson

Media has been hating on Millennials for some time now. Article after article claims they’re entitled, lazy and hooked on technology. So lazy in fact, they can’t even be bothered to carry out basic repairs in their homes. A study by an insurer concluded that Millennials “are losing the basic life skills their parents took for granted,” with 1 in 8 unable to change a lightbulb and a third at a loss about how to bleed a radiator.

What’s the reason for this decline in DIY? Are Millennials really so incompetent? Are they doomed to a life of spending a fortune hiring a tradesperson every time they need a simple fix?

As it turns out, there’s a bit more to the story than we’ve been led to believe. Rising house prices (which have increased by 259 percent in less than 20 years) have led Millennials to rent rather than buy for longer than ever before, with just 1 in 3 currently owning their own home. Furthermore, restrictions from landlords and real estate agents often mean that tenants are restricted in the changes they can make to a property. For instance, putting a nail in the wall to hang up a picture can put tenants at risk of losing their security deposit. As such, it seems basic DIY tasks will continue to get left behind until Millennials can afford to buy their own home.

The below infographic takes a closer look at this phenomenon and the stats behind it. Just what does DIY look like in the Millennial age?


DIY in the Millennial Age Infographic

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