If you’re wondering what is up with Millennials, you’re in the right place. MillennialMarketing.com’s team of contributors provides insight and commentary on the latest Millennial consumer and marketing trends.

MillennialMarketing.com was founded in 2008 by a Notre Dame marketing professor. Jeff Fromm and Barkley acquired the blog in 2012. 


  • Angie Read

    Angie Read is Vice President of Growth Insight at Barkley. She has 20+ years of consumer marketing and public relations experience for brands including Sprint, Hallmark, Huhtamaki, Dearfoams, Foot Petals and baggalini, as well as the National Association of Insurance...See Angie's full bio

  • Jeff Fromm

    Although not a Millennial as defined by his age, Jeff Fromm is the Millennial Marketing Guy. Jeff is President of FutureCast, a marketing consultancy that specializes in Millennial trends, and is a contributing writer at Forbes.com. Jeff is also a...See Jeff's full bio

Social Contributors

  • Greg Vodicka

    Greg is the Strategic Growth Director at Barkley and one of the founding members of the FutureCast team. He believes that we can no longer rely simply on trends and insights to be indicative of future successes, as we are...See Greg's full bio

  • Shelby Haydon

    As the Marketing and Sales Manager for FutureCast, Shelby is responsible for managing client communication and the in-depth day-to-day operations of the team. Her expertise in communication and knowledge of Millennial trends make Shelby a great resource for brands aiming...See Shelby's full bio

  • Brendan Shaughnessy

    Brendan Shaughnessy is an Associate Strategist at Barkley. Brendan uses his data-driven background to develop strategic insights to help brands speak authentically to modern consumers and reimagine their best possible future. Client challenges are not unfamiliar to Brendan, yet his...See Brendan's full bio