Alex Del Toro

Alex Del Toro is one of four co-founders at Joybird Furniture. He has more then 10 years experience in the industry and grew up in Los Angeles. He believes that no customer should ever have be unhappy with their furniture purchase and therefore continues to build a team that is driven by passion and that truly understands the experience Joybird is creating for its customers. His interests are computers and technology, "Never underestimate the power of digital" says Del Toro. He is an avid reader, enjoys sky diving, and consistently focuses on innovation for Joybird.

How to Win Millennial Love in 3 Steps

Posted by: Alex Del Toro | October 7th, 2015

With Millennials being the largest generation in the U.S., they will have the biggest spending power than any other generation by the year 2017. Therefore, it is imperative that brands understand what is important to Millennials and do everything necessary...