Rupa Ganatra

Founding Partner of Millennial 20/20. Millennial 20/20 is the world's first business summit series looking at the future of nextgen commerce in Singapore (Sept 2016), New York (Feb 2017) and London (Apr 2017). The Summits focus at a unique time in industry, where large and small businesses are dealing with a more complex and ever-evolving consumer that requires them to think of innovation, disruption and technology as key components of their future. Millennial 20/20 addresses exactly this like no other event series has done before through multiple conference stages, immersive and experiential showcases and organised networking experiences to create maximum exposure for delegates to innovation and disruption opportunities.

The Rise of the Millennial Founder

Posted by: Rupa Ganatra | February 21st, 2017

The tech-savvy Millennial entrepreneur offers a unique and often disruptive approach, says Rupa Ganatra, Founding Partner of Millennial 20/20 Many Millennials graduated college and entered the workforce at the height of the economic recession in 2008. With few new employment opportunities and...