Skyler Huff

As a Content Specialist at Barkley and the lead editor of, Skyler combines a fervor for strategic communication with a passion for serving others to create in-depth research reports and insightful trend-based material to help marketers understand modern consumers. Her background in news writing and public relations gives her additional perspective when contributing content to leading industry outlets such as Wharton Magazine, Forbes and American Business Journals. Her love of writing and experience in storytelling shines through in her work for both and Barkley's Free Knowledge blog, top marketing insights resources for marketing and brand professionals. Skyler’s ability to place careful attention on detail while also thoroughly understanding big-picture strategy and flow is beneficial to her role and to any agency project.

The Gen Z Hierarchy of Needs

Posted by: Skyler Huff | January 2nd, 2018

The Original Needs Model: Maslow’s Hierarchy In the 1940s, Abraham Maslow developed the hierarchy of needs model to help us better understand human motivation and behavior. While he probably didn’t intend for this model to be used as a modern-day...