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Chipotle Embraces Trends in Millennial Marketing

Posted by: Jeff Fromm | July 8th, 2013

Millennials seek adventure not only in their activities but in their eating. This month, Chipotle is launching their 20th anniversary treasure hunt titled, “Adventurrito.” The 20-day-long treasure hunt beginning July 13, 2013 consists of daily puzzles for followers to solve and a...

Millennial Marketing Trends by the Numbers

Posted by: Jeff Fromm | June 25th, 2013

With Millennials, if something isn’t trending, it’s irrelevant. Take television for example. Streaming television shows or movies on-demand is becoming more relevant to the Millennial population. Why? Because watching any show at any time on any device is increasingly popular...

Millennials and Cause Marketing

Posted by: Jeff Fromm | June 19th, 2013

The Millennial generation will have a lot to say about the future of charity walks and runs. They want adventure, action and engagement. Particularly an event they can enjoy with friends and family. Runs such as The Color Run, The...