When Marketing to Millennials™, Remember Desire For Value and Engagement

Posted by: Jeff Fromm | June 6th, 2013

Millennials are often thought to have smartphones practically attached to their bodies making them constantly online and have a desire for interactive experiences. One result from this is that Millennials is that Millennials want to interact with brands and be part of the process. In essence, they want to co-create the brand, their experience and their customer journey.

Marriott makes another pass at marketing to Millennial travelers

Posted by: Jeff Fromm | June 4th, 2013

Marriott is taking yet another stab at drawing in Millennial customers. The chain announced that it is importing its European hotel chain, AC, to the United States. As you may recall, Marriott announced earlier this year that it was partnering with IKEA to create Moxy, a Millennial-geared hotel chain that will develop across Europe.

Millennials, The Participation Economy and why the old definition of brand value has died

Posted by: Jeff Fromm | June 3rd, 2013

In the new Millennial-inspired Participation Economy, the old definition of brand value — the one that worked for decades — is dead. As marketers, we knew that the sum of our core functional and emotional benefits divided by price would give us a proxy for brand value. Stronger brands had more price elasticity. However, the old definition no longer holds if you want to engage Millennials or older generations that are adopting a “Millennial Mindset.”