Millennials don’t worry about online privacy — what marketers need to know

Posted by: Jeff Fromm

More than half of Millennials said they’d share information with a company if they got something in return, according to a survey by University of Southern California’s Center for the Digital Future.

Because Millennials grew up with the Internet at their disposal, their views on online privacy differ from previous generations. I spoke with a Hadley Malcolm, a reporter for USA Today, about this phenomenon:

“The willingness to share where we are, who we’re with, what we’re doing, and what we like with the virtual world is part of ‘the emergence of the participation economy,’ says Jeff Fromm, who runs a blog called and co-authored Marketing to Millennials. And it’s a “millennial-led phenomenon,” he says.

“Millennials are the trendsetters,” he says. “They are the ones that are proving it’s OK to do these things.”

Millennials are known as digital natives. The generation stands out when it comes to creating content online. Sixty percent of Millennials participate in producing online content, including photos, videos, wiki entries, product/service reviews and more, according to research by Barkley in conjunction with Boston Consulting Group and SMG.

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