Millennial marketers beware: Are teens viewing Facebook as a ‘social burden’?

Posted by: Carolyn Cohen

Is it time to say so-long to Facebook?

A new study by the Pew Research Center shows that young Millennials — those between ages 12 and 17 — are getting tired of Facebook. Although, this might be because teens want to hang out on social media where their parents don’t have profiles.

Pew writes that teens are finding Facebook to be a “social burden.” According to a story on The Huffington Post, this doesn’t mean young Millennials will be abandoning the social media altogether. The point is that they’re also going to other social media outlets like Instagram and Twitter, which aren’t as populated by Boomers.

A recent survey by SocialMedia Examiner shows that if marketers could only choose one social media platform, 49 percent would choose Facebook. Sixteen percent would choose LinkedIn.

So, does this mean marketers — especially those interesting in Millennial marketing — should jump ship from Facebook? At this point, it just becomes more vital to keep a close eye on the demographics for your brand page and who is engaging with your content.

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