Marketing to Millennial Moms: There’s More Than Meets the Eye

Posted by: Carolyn Cohen

Millennial Moms make up 22% of the mom population in America, and their high influence makes them a key target when marketers hone in on this large demographic group.  According to a new study completed by Weber Shandwick and KRC Research , 42% of moms 18-34 say that most advertising and marketing “isn’t geared to women like me.

This group shares information on a wide range of products, recommending products online 10.4 times per month (as compared to 7.7 times per month for total moms). When most marketers hear Millennials, they are likely thinking of college students, and those in their first years of entering the workforce.  The below infographic highlights some key reasons not to exclude this category of Millennials from targeting and advertising focus.

Key Points:

  • Millennial Moms have more social media accounts than total moms, and they spend 4 more hours per week on social networks
  • Millennial Moms are in a different life stage than older moms- 32% are single/never married/not living with partner versus just 16% for total moms.
  • 90% of Millennial Moms share information on key topics: retail stores, apparel, food and drink, and more than 50% share information about financial investments and life insurance.

Millennial Moms


Implications for Marketers

The key learning from this study for marketers is two fold- be weary of lumping all

Millennial targeting in one, as there are several influential segments within the millennial target, and two- do not assume ‘moms’ all can be lumped together either. This study reveals how Millennial Moms are seeking ways to make their lives easier, so marketers should focus on creating ways to simplify their busy lives. Finally, these Millennial Moms may not be bloggers with millions of impressions- but they are influential in their own way and they are not to be ignored when it comes to influencer outreach.


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