How to Market to the Newest Millennial Parents: Kate and William

Posted by: Carolyn Cohen

The world watched in awe last week as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed Baby George. Researchers estimate that William and Kate’s new child will generate $238 Million in revenue, more than the Royal Wedding did! Marketers were quick to move on the royal news and use the topical subject for clever print ads, social posts, and even TV spots. While these brands were quick to capitalize on the trending topic, what can the rest of us take from the news? Kate and Will are now Millennial parents, and have fallen into a very sought-after market. Here are some tips to marketing to this large group:

Millennials Crave Feedback

Millennials seek order and direction and this will carry over into parenting. This trend is visible in education of Millennials as well as in the workplace. As parents, Millennials will be advanced in their research, so marketers should be prepared with many resources for the young parents. They’re looking for help, and if a brand of diapers can help them learn about the best way to give your infant a bath- it’s likely those parents might feel an inclination towards that brand. Abacus Insider describes how Huggies’ “Mommy Answers” website does exactly as prescribed. Moms can submit questions, and browse for commonly asked questions.

Millennials are Digital Natives

Millennials have grown up online, so we can expect that as parents they will turn to Facebook, Twitter, blogs and more for help with parenting and to share their journey. These parents will be more likely to engage with an app or social page of a brand they trust when it comes to parenting help.  Since Millennial Parents are in tune with their network of friends and family, it’s also important for brands to market to the influencers outside of the parents themselves. While turning to Facebook might be a way for marketers to target Millennial Parents, the parents will be relying on a friend’s Facebook post just as much as a post from a brand.

Millennials Seek Transparency

When choosing a stroller, Millennial Parents are more likely than previous generations to choose a brand that says something about them as a parent. Is this brand ethical? Do they support things I support? Millennial Parents will ask themselves these questions so brands who are vying for the market should be prepared with company background and as much information as possible.

As Kate and Will lead the way for Millennial Parents around the world, a transparent, digital friendly, and helpful campaign will resonate especially well with any Millennial Parent.



Photo credit: Bernard Bujold via Flickr

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