Why Facebook’s “Donate Now” Button is a Win-Win for Facebook and Millennials

Posted by: Jeff Fromm

The act of sharing just got updated…and more meaningful. Facebook launched a new “donate now” button that allows users to contribute directly to non-profit organizations. The feature appears in posts shared by participating non-profits and at the top of their Facebook Pages. Users can choose how much they want to give, enter their payment information, and instantly donate to that cause. They even have the option to share the post with their friendsurl

So why does this matter to Millennials?

 1. Millennials care about causes and want to see brands do the same.

Millennials are passionate about critical issues and are apt to look for ways to engage in cause campaigns.  In fact, affiliation with a cause is more important to Millennials than to any previous generation. They want to make a difference in the world, and even more so, they want to see brands supporting the causes they believe in. For Millennials, corporate social responsibility is no longer just an option–it’s a requirement. But with every brand jumping on the social justice band wagon, cause marketing becomes lost in a noisy landscape. Thanks to the donate button, Facebook has taken it one step further by not only connecting users directly with non-profits, but also by giving users control over where their money is directed.

2. Millennials are digitally social.

With the overwhelming number of causes out there, what better channel to unite Millennials with non-profits than through social media? For this generation, social media is far more than a digital platform–it’s a way of life. Accustomed to accessing information via these formats, it only makes sense that brands use Facebook to advocate their causes. Research indicates that Millennials are more likely to give through mobile platforms and learn about charities through their friends. In addition, they believe that contributing to a cause through a company is easier than doing so on their own. The donate option makes it easier than ever for users to support a cause with one simple button. Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 2.59.35 PM

 3. Millennials like to share their experiences

Raised as digital natives, Millennials are the new online storytellers. They want to make memories, and they want to share their experiences. A perk of the donate button is that it allows users to do just that. After donating to a non-profit of choice, users have the option to share the non-profit’s post with friends. It’s the perfect way to let Millennials share with others what they are doing and show the causes they care about.  In a world of screens, this feature encourages Millennials to make things happen and ultimately encourages a social giving experience.

Why will this win for Facebook?

 Knowing that Millennials are more likely to show a preference toward companies that support causes, Facebook is now joining the trend of for-profit businesses launching advocacy enterprises that could eventually earn them a profit. By implementing this strategy, Millennials can engage more actively with non-profits and feel they are contributing to a greater cause.  Additionally, Facebook is not only embracing the philanthropic trend that Millennials love, but is also establishing relationships with the non-profits it partners with. It has championed a way for non-profits to spread their word, allowing causes and donations to go viral. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Lauren Katz contributed to this post

Photo credit: Facebook  & St. Jude Children’s Research Facebook page 

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