What to Expect from Top Millennial Marketing Conference Share.Like.Buy.

Posted by: Adam Van Paris

Millennials have been developing their own set of rules with little regard for previous trends since 1977. Nowadays, marketers around the world want to get in this group’s good graces but few brands truly understand how these modern consumers operate. To help move the world forward in connecting with this elusive group, we have brought together some of the best and brightest in the millennial marketing space for a two-day event in Napa. Here is what you can expect to learn from Share.Like.Buy 2015.

Actionable Insights From The Most Inspired Brands

The best and brightest from some of the most loved millennial brands ranging from Dunkin’ Donuts to Wells Fargo will share their insights about connecting with the millennial generation. For a day and a half, these millennial gurus will challenge your pre-conceived notions and share best case examples and strategies that are guaranteed to improve your relationship with consumers 18-34 years old.

Here are a few topics you can expect to see covered during Share.Like.Buy:

Serving Up Restaurants to Millennials: Millennials spend more money at restaurants than any other generation. Brands in the food space aiming to connect with this generation must rethink their current strategies to include more experiential, digital interactions. The Serving Up Restaurants panel, moderated by the Anna Tauzin, Senior Marketing Manager at the National Restaurant Association, will shed light on some major trends that drive millennial food habits.

Modernizing Sports and Entertainment for Millennials: As millennials become more inclined to spend their money on experiences rather than products, brands in the sports industry need to create more interactive alternatives to win with millennials. Ken May, CEO of Topgolf, Ken Lovell of the PGA Tour and Andy Tretiak of Sporting Kansas City will share the proactive steps they’re taking in order to create and maintain millennial fandom.

Millennials Hit the Road (and Skies): Traditionally, boomers focused more on badge products as a sign of their success and affluence (think Rolex or BMW). Millennials today are shifting more towards badge experiences. A millennial is more likely to think, “why buy a $10,000 watch when I can save my money and go to Thailand for half of that cost?” For millennials the ability to travel and see the world is a greater marker of success than owning expensive products. However, millennials are savvy with their money and look for the best deals when it comes to exploring and experiences; creating an interesting adjustment for the travel industry. The travel panel will shed light on how the best brands are adapting to this shift and what they are doing to align with the new millennial desire for travel.

Great Insights AND A Beautiful California Backdrop

Hosting Share.Like.Buy this year is the charming Charles Krug Winery. One thing that will be clear upon arrival at the oldest winery in Napa is the astonishingly beautiful landscape. You’ll quickly realize that there are few locations in The United States that are more beautiful than Napa Valley in the fall. In late September, the hilly backdrop looks like something out of a John Steinbeck novel and the Carriage House banquet hall where Share.Like.Buy. will be hosted recently received significant renovations to add a modern twist to one of the most historic properties in the area. Needless to say, the venue is something to look forward to in itself.

This year’s Share.Like.Buy is sure to be one for the books both thanks to the venue and caliber of speakers. Find out more information and register today at sharelikebuy.com.

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