3 Ways to Resonate with Digital-Minded Millennial Travelers

Posted by: Jeff Fromm

Millennials are digitally native consumers who have been raised on WiFi and have grown up with a smartphone in their pockets. For these consumers, digital connectivity is often considered as vital as any other basic human need such as food or shelter.This trend is important for organizations in the hotel hospitality industry to recognize and leverage as

Millennial travel differently and expect their favorite brands to keep up.

millennials grow to be the largest and most frequent group of travelers. According to The Millennial Brief on Travel and Lodging, a new trends report from marketing consultancy FutureCast, millennials have always had the luxury of accessing the infinitely informative digital universe to support their travel customer journey when it comes to travel booking. In today’s market, 75% of millennials have travel apps on their phones. As a result, millennials don’t merely appreciate digital tools and resources from travel organizations; rather, they demand brands to incorporate technology that removes friction, adds efficiency and enhances their overall experience.

This demand has led to a generation of travelers who are dependent on technological devices from the planning stage to the actual stay. FutureCast believes this is a steady characteristic of this entire generation that will be imperative for hotels to utilize if they hope to resonate and remain relevant with these consumers.

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